Tuesday 4 September 2012

Montecristo No.2

I picked up this stick as a single in the Parque Central Hotel Cigar Shop in Havana. I didn't get a box code or find out how long it was there but it turned out to be the mildest Monte 2 I have had to date.

The Stick was a bit battered to be honest. After surviving a Hurricane and a 12hr flight it didn't look too bad. A little tear near the cap was the worst of it, otherwise it looked great.

Pre-light draw:
Chocolate powder and a lot of it. A lovely velvet chocolate taste left a coating on my lips.

Surprisingly the chocolate from the pre-draw never appeared. I had a strong taste of weak coffee. Not milky. No cappuccino or latte. It resembled a weak cup of black coffee. Quiet pleasant actually.

First 3rd: 
The weak coffee continued throughout the first 3rd and was accompanied by what I could only describe as toast. Dry toast with a cup of black coffee. It felt as if I was smoking my breakfast.

Second 3rd: 
The second 3rd was a bit muted. The coffee was gone. The toast never fully came through and I was left with a slight woodiness. I would have to lick a few more trees to be able to tell you what type of wood but I can tell you that my mouth dried up very quickly in this 3rd.

Final 3rd: 
After pouring myself a Havana 3yr old, the woodiness then disapeared. A mild spice tried to break through and at most tingled my lips at intervals. A green pepper more so than black pepper.

It was only during the finish that the cigar picked up a bit of strength and spice. The downside to this was after enjoying (for me) a mild cigar, the power during the finish was unexpected and not welcome.

Perfect until half way through the final 3rd. It got a little tighter then but nothing too bad

Not straight by any means. It always corrected itself and never impaired the cigar

Time to smoke:
1hr 23mins or there abouts 

Value for Money: 
Picked up in Havana for around 7.60CUC (€6ish) you cant go wrong. €14 cheaper than Ireland

The mildest Monte 2 I have had to date. Not sure if it was how long the cigar has rested or due to the travel etc but not what I was expecting. A nice Cigar but I want a bit more kick from my Monte!!