Monday 14 January 2013

Man O War Side Project "Little Devil"

Dark Chocolate wrapper. Seamless. Attractive and decorative band

Pre-light draw:
Tobacco and Toasted Nuts

Coffee and lots of it.

First 3rd: 
Coffee is still there but is almost kicked aside by a powerful but pleasant spice akin to cracked black pepper

Second 3rd: 
Spice still prominent but has mellowed a lot. Coffee is making a slight return. Leather notes towards the end of the 3rd

Final 3rd: 
Leather, Leather, Leather!! Creamy finish that when mixed with the lingering spice resembles a creamy pink peppercorn sauce.

Much the same as the Final 3rd with hints of Ceder creeping through.

Perfect with plenty of smoke

No complaints or issues. Straight all the way down.

Time to smoke: 
Smoking slowly and enjoying every draw took me 1hr 25mins

Value for Money: 
Like most of my Non-Cubans, I received this as a gift. I think they retail at a little under $5 (€3.75) and at this price are worth every penny. I think I will have to locate a box!!

Loved this Cigar, I could have kept smoking for another hour. Starts off powerful and mellows as it goes ending in a lovely creamy finish to the Cigar. Fantastic flavours throughout and a true finger burner at the end!! Loved It.