Saturday 29 December 2012

Sosa Churchill - Natural

I got this Cigar as part of a sampler pack from Cigar Stix and it was my first Sosa Cigar.

Smooth milk chocolate coloured wrapper. Decent construction. Firm with a bit of give when squeezed. The foot of this cigar was slightly squashed.

Pre-light draw:
A mild toasty taste.

Lots of smoke, I mean lots. One draw was all that was needed. Pleasant tobacco taste. Not much else.

First 3rd: 
Still plenty of smoke although the ash fell off after a few mills. No discernible taste however the pleasant tobacco taste from the opening was still present

Second 3rd: 
Ash fell again, and again, and again!!! No change in flavour. Picked up a bit of spice towards the end of this 3rd which left a very nice tingle on the lips.

Final 3rd: 
The spice picked up. Slight powdery feel on my lips. Ash was like a cigarette at this stage!!

A tasty spicy finish. Surprisingly mild finish considering it was a Churchill.


A bit wonky at the start but was perfect by the second 3rd. Ash was non existent.

Time to smoke: 
1hr 20mins

Value for Money: 
I got this as part of a sampler but they retail for around $4 per stick (I think) For that price it was worth it!!

A "NICE" Cigar. Nothing too complicated. There was no development of strength or flavour. Fantastic draw but disappointed that the ash did not hold. Overall I would certainly smoke another and would be a great cigar to give to a novice smoker!!

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