Tuesday 7 August 2012

AVO Classic Robusto

Lovely and smooth wrapper with the exception of one protruding vein. Otherwise flawless

Pre-light draw:
A sweet tobacco flavour. Almost like milk chocolate

Smooth and creamy from the first draw. The beginnings of a white ash speckled with grey. Very promising.

First 3rd: 
Very creamy to start. What I would expect with a Dominican Cigar. Slight hint of coffee. Similar to a very week Cafe Latte.

Second 3rd:
Into the second third and the coffee has gone. The creaminess is also disappearing and is replaced with a slight bitterness. Not pleasant however not enough to stop smoking the cigar. Heading towards the final third it was borderline whether I would finish the cigar

Final 3rd: 
The creaminess is well and truly gone. The bitterness is still there but luckily it has been joined by a pleasant spiciness. Akin to black pepper, the spice has taken the edge of the bitterness that lasted almost a full third.

I knocked off the ash and purged the Cigar at this point. I instantly regretted not doing it sooner. The last 15 minutes or so to this cigar was the best part. The bitterness had left and the cream returned to blend perfectly with the spice. It was like smoking a lovely creamy peppercorn sauce.

Best thing about the cigar. One puff equaled plenty of smoke. No double drags or sore cheeks with this Cigar. Perfect!

Slightly wonky at times but always corrected itself. Never needed a touch up.

Time to smoke: 
I took me around 1.5hrs to smoke. I slowed down between the second and final third to try and avoid the bitterness.

Value for Money: 
This stick was sent to me in a sampler pack from Buttheads. I read they are around the €5/$6 mark. For that price they are certainly worth picking up and having a few in your humidor

I enjoyed the Cigar in parts. It has only been in my humidor a little over a week so I probably rushed smoking it. A little bit of age on this Cigar I would say that the peppercorn creaminess of the finish would be more prevalent. I probably wouldn't buy another but if I was handed one (with age) I wouldn't be disappointed.

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