Tuesday 7 August 2012

Monte Grand Edmundo EL 2010

A nice dark wrapper. Smooth veins and a few bumps. Nice and oily. Very enticing

Pre-light draw:
Tobacco funnily enough. Not much else

Creamy!! First few draws had thick, heavy, viscous smoke and the appearance of a lovely almost bright white ash that makes me happy!

First 3rd: 
Slight hints of milk chocolate. Very feint mind you I had to concentrate hard on what I was getting. Light to medium strength and developing in flavour towards the back of the first 3rd

Second 3rd: 
Wow. The Milk chocolate was kicked out off town and replaced with strong black coffee. It felt like I had just swallowed a full cup of Cubans finest. The first cigar I have had were that coffee taste was so prevalent and with that the cigar moved to a firm medium bodied cigar.

Final 3rd: 
The spice moved in. I couldn't put my finger (or taste buds) on what it was exactly but I loved it. Not as harsh as black pepper, it left a tingle on my lips that you may get from Spicy chicken wings. (The tingle, not the flavour) Woodiness also came through with hints of leather. The Cigar was now on the full side of a medium bodied cigar. Just how I like it.

No bitterness or harshness at all. Smooth until the very end and still full of flavour

OK to start but opened up perfectly after the first 3rd

Two touch ups but nothing major. Just me being anal and looking for the perfect burn

Time to smoke: 
It took me almost two hours. Probably could be smoked in an hour to hour and a half but I took my time and enjoyed every bit!!

Value for Money: 
At around €30/€35 worth every cent

I burnt my fingers. I wish it was longer.

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